Tristan Corrigan
Prince of Beldain
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Unnamed father †
Unnamed stepfather †
Unnamed mother †
4 Unnamed brothers
Augustine Corrigan (brother)
Kester Corrigan (brother)
Maeve Corrigan (sister)
Allies The Dagger Society
Status Deceased

Tristan is one of Maeve's older brothers. He died in an accident five years before the end of the book. Although his exact cause of death is unknown, it does mention that Tristan was somehow drowned. It is believed that Lucent may have had something to do with it as she was banished from Beldain shortly after. The book does mention that she dared Tristan to walk out on the ice of a lake before he fell through, causing Lucent to feel guilty for the accident. Maeve was able to bring Tristan back by visiting the Underworld in her sleep and pulling him back. He is described as tall and thin, Maeve says at the time of the books, the light in his eyes has grown distant.

Tristan now lives in a dark, locked room in a small, separate manor with sets of guards protecting him. Maeve holds the key to his room, and says that if she's not careful, his eyes could turn black and he would be capable of killing everyone in the palace yard, though she doesn't say how.

Maeve says how originally after she brought Tristan back, he was his usual self, but he slowly began to change. She can feel an unnatural power coursing through him, and says that she is the only who can unleash it on whoever she wishes. She brings Tristan on her trips and he defends her against potential dangers.

When one night, he kills his guards and attacks Maeve and Augustine out of insanity and the power of death, Maeve stabs him through the heart. Maeve grieves over him by presenting flashbacks of their former happy childhood.

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