The Rose Society is a group of Young Elites that formed by Adelina Amouteru, after she was expelled from the Dagger Society. It is not evidently proclaimed that Adelina is the leader, but it is agreed on tacitly.

Known membersEdit

*Note* There are other un-named mercenaries that have worked for Adelina since the death of the Night King.

The PledgeEdit

I pledge myself to the Rose Society until the end of my days,

to use my eyes to see all that happens,

my tongue to woo others to our side,

my ears to hear every secret,

my hands to crush my enemies.

I will do everything in my power to destroy all who stand in my way.


After Adelina is cast out from the Dagger Society by Raffaele for the murder of Dante and the assisted (albeit unintentional) death of Enzo, Adelina becomes hell-bent on destroying the Inquisition Axis, killing the Lead Inquisitor Teren Santoro, and usurping the throne of Kenettra.

In order to do this, Adelina sets out with her sister Violetta to find Elites and form her own society, similar to the Daggers. She decides first to travel to Tamoura, where a powerful Elite known as Magiano is rumored to be; she wants to recruit him for her Elite society, as yet unnamed (to be come the Rose Society). She meets him with Violetta and learns that his power is to copy. He gives her a challenge: steal the Night King's diamond pin, and she'll have proven worthy of his help. Adelina and Violetta enter the Night King's palace in guise of dancers and kill him.

After killing the Night King, Magiano, Adelina and Violetta attempt to escape Merroutas, where they were being pursued for the murder of the Night King. Some of the Night King's former mercenaries, now without someone to serve, turn to Adelina because they have heard of her frightening powers. They rescue the three of them on a ship, where Sergio introduces himself as one of the mercenaries. Adelina promises the mercenaries wealth from the treasury of Kenettra, supposedly ten times more than the Night King had offered them, in exchange for their service.

Magiano and Sergio travel side by side with Adelina and Violetta as they travel to Estenzia. At first, Adelina tells herself that Magiano and Sergio are not trustworthy, that they would betray her if she seems unable to pay them. However, Adelina eventually realizes that she has to be able to trust the two of them as well to be able to work efficiently as a team. Magiano then suggests that they have a name for themselves, noting that names give weight and reality to an idea. They reinstate Sergio's name as the Rainmaker, given to him by the Dagger Society when he was with them, and give Violetta the name of "Puppet Master" for her ability to play with the affections of others. They then decide to take an oath of loyalty to their newborn society, making the pledge as they go, each member suggesting a line while the others repeat it.

Finally, at the outskirts of Campagnia under a night sky, the Rose Society is formed.

Trivia Edit

  • The second book in the series is named after the Rose Society.
  • The name of the Rose Society is inspired by a black rose, woven by Adelina with her powers. She notes that the rose was "not quite solid" and was still "shimmering from the newness of its own creation."

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