Raffaele Bessette
Member of the Dagger Society
Aliases The Messenger
Age 18+
Gender Male
Species Human (Malfetto)
Hair Black w/ Blue streaks
Eyes Green (left)
Gold (right)
Family Unnamed Mother
5 Unnamed Brothers
Allies The Dagger Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
Status Alive

Raffaele Laurent Bessette is a Young Elite and a member of the Dagger Society, known as The Messenger. He works as a consort, building political alliances for the Dagger Society. He can sense threads of energy from other Elites and people.


Raffaele is one of the members of The Dagger Society and was the first person to be recruited. His family was very poor and he was sold to a man to become a consort. On the day he became an official consort for the Fortunata Court, the court held an elaborate bidding masquerade in honor of his debut. Enzo was secretly searching for other Young Elites, and Raffaele sensed Enzo's powers for the first time in his life. Enzo noticed Raffaele's strange interest in him and believed that Raffaele was indeed another like himself with powers. His servant helped bid an enormous amount on Raffaele and won. As frightened as Raffaele was about his debut night and what was to follow, in reality Enzo simply wanted to talk. They both confessed about their strange powers, Enzo being able to control fire and Raffaele being able to sense energy and very slightly alter them.

Raffaele is the one who discovers that the Young Elites' human bodies will not be able to keep up with their supernatural abilities. Over time, their powers will destroy them.

Physical Descriptions Edit

Raffaele is said to be a very beautiful person, people usually falling in love with him on sight and described as "one kissed by moon and water", which is an old passage describing those with amazing beauty. He has long shining black hair with sapphire strands, flawless glowing olive skin and is described as tall and fit. His marks from the Blood Fever are his eyes and hair. Several strands of his hair sapphire blue and his eyes became two different colors. One became a honey color, and the other as green as an emerald. His eyelashes are very long as well and he walks in a graceful manner. When the blood fever was gone, the sapphire blue strands of hair was gone and his caramel eye turned to a summery emerald green.


Raffaele acts kind, flirtatious and charismatic and he tells people about himself in bits and pieces, because he is very guarded of his heart. He is actually quite complex—he puts on a kind facade in front of people and if their potential as an Elite is recognized, he will tell the truth of his opinion without the knowledge of the subject. Such as with Adelina, he was kind to her but almost immediately told Enzo to "get rid of her", mostly because he was afraid of darkness within her, realizing it was very dangerous long before anyone else did. He is also rational, as shown at the end of the first book, when he cast Adelina out due to her unsafe powers and dark personality. He is not cruel though, because it is shown that after Enzo's death he felt bad for banishing Adelina but he thought that it was the right thing to do, as he could not risk the safety of the Daggers. He is very aware of his power and status, understanding that his task is essential as a Dagger to gather allies, since his clients fall feverishly in love with his charms. He is also dangerously loyal, shown when he stabs a man's neck through with his own dagger when his Dagger's safety is in danger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Raffaele can sense and find other malfettos. He can also see and manipulate threads of energy. Raffaele has the ability to comfort and calm others. Raffaele pulls on the heart strings of others to make them fall in love with him.



  • Artwork by Tumblr user Deanpinterester [1]


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