Member of the Dagger Society
Aliases The Architect
Gender Male
Species Human (Malfetto)
Allies The Dagger Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
Status Alive

Michel is a member of the Dagger Society, going by the name the Architect. He assisted Adelina with perfecting her illusions, making them more lifelike and realistic.

Biography Edit

Michel was the most recent recruit to the Dagger Society aside from Adelina. Currently, he is apprenticed to a master painter at the University of Estenzia.

Physical Description Edit

Michel is very lean, and his marking from the blood fever is that his fingernails have become discolored with lines of black and blue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can make any object disappear and reappear in a different location.


  • He sometimes mocks Lucent's Beldish accent
  • His name could be a reference to Michelangelo, famous artist, sculptor, architect, and poet
  • Marking is a strange discoloration of his nails which make them black and blue
  • His power is that he can make objects disappear and reappear elsewhere
  • He taught Adelina how to perfect her illusions, and so is somewhat unaffected by her powers as he can tell the difference between reality and illusions.

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