Gemma Salvatore
Member of the Dagger Society
Aliases The Star Thief
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human (Malfetto)
Hair Dark
Family Baron Salvatore (father)
Allies The Dagger Society
Enemies The Inquisition Axis
Status Deceased

Gemma is the daughter of Baron Salvatore, and also a member of the Dagger Society.


Gemma Salvatore is the daughter of Baron Salvatore, and born into a wealthy family. When the Dagger Society was trying to get close to the king, Gemma was the one to enter the Tournament of Storms. She won the race with Lucent's help, but was disqualified for being a malfetto by Teren, who had recently been informed by Adelina that the Elites might be plotting something around the Tournament. The Inquisitors announced this and then put a sword to Gemma's throat. Adelina saved Gemma by weaving illusions to hold the Inquisitors off until the Dagger Society arrived.

Gemma's father seems to care for her a lot regardless of her being a malfetto, as later the king mentions that Baron Salvatore was enraged when Gemma was threatened by the Inquisitors.

Gemma was a member of the Dagger Society. She was the third to join the Dagger Society, after Enzo and Raffaele. Gemma's alias, Star Thief, comes from the tale Stories of the Star Thief by Tristan Chirsley. The story was about a girl who could take the minds of wild beasts, and could therefore steal anything. Gemma was given this name because she has a way with animals and they are often with her, and will obey her. Gemma's marking is a purple patch on part of her face. Her alignment is with joy. In the second book, she was struck by lightning during the battle against the Roses as they fought in the skies during a storm. She caught fire, along with her balira, and fell from very high into the ocean and died.


Gemma is an easy to like person, and befriends Adelina. Gemma is not a fighter, and her powers scatter when she is afraid. Gemma usually has a happy, friendly nature about her, and she aligns with joy.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Gemma has a small, slight build and dark hair. A part of her face is covered in a purple shape, her marking from the blood fever. She also has very fine, delicate hands and usually an animal accompanies her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She is able to communicate with animals and command them. She harnesses Joy and Love.

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